What's CEO, What does it do ?

Modern commercial activities are taking new directions and businesses that don't follow those paths tend to be left behind.

DEVLIGHTS have developed CEO a sale management system which will fulfill your business’ needs and allows it to grow steadily. CEO is a web system that has the capability of working on-line and off-line ( in a local network)

It will help you to control your sales, maximize your profits and provides you the necessary information to make important decisions. CEO is a reliable, easy to use and intuitive system, it won’t take you much time to learn how to use it and you will be able to speed up your business activities.


Main features

It allows you to manage products, areas and the makes they belong.

You can also manage your providers.

It allows you to define different lists of prices for your products.

You can create different user profiles and assign them roles and functions according to your business needs.

You can control and correct your stock so it always reflects the real amount of items on your stock.

It allows you to get useful accounting reports grouped by categories.

It allows you to create and manage budgets, you can print them or send them automatically to your clients.