About Livet

Pet lovers all over the world want the best for their little friends.

Nowadays our pets are considered part of the family and that’s why we bump into the question of “what’s the best way to give our little partners the best healthcare possible?”.

In order to answer that question we put ourselves to work on Livet, Livet is an app that allow users to track their pets' medical history records

DEVLIGHTS decided to join forces with animal healthcare specialists and put the best of its workforce to design and develop an App which is not only easy to use and visually appealing for the user but also offers a set of unique features.

The easiest way of taking care of your pet
  • We built a set of tools for tracking medical history of your pet
  • Intituive and easy to use, acces to all your pet's information in the easiest and most convienient way
  • You can create as many pet profiles as you wish and add information about your pets