About the Client

SITA is the world’s leading specialist in air transport communications and information technology. They apply decades of experience and expertise to address almost every core business, operational, baggage, and passenger process in air transport.

The situation

In September 2022, SITA found themselves in need of a team of experienced developers, luckily they found Devlights.  SITA needed to migrate one of their main products to a cutting edge technology. Despite having an in-house team, they needed additional help to meet the deadline established for the project. They were already working with an offshore team, so this was not their first time working with companies like Devlights, but they decided to let them go due to lack of quality of the code and some troubles regarding the time zone compatibility of the other company

Our solution

Devlights’ team adapted to the methodologies that SITA was using since the beginning of the project. We were part of the “Core Team” that worked alongside the in-office team in Canada.  Over the months, SITA asked us to incorporate more resources progressively until today, where our team consists of 4 developers and 2 QA Engineers. Today, we are a separate team from the Core Team, they call us the “Devlight’s Team” or the “Migration Team”. The first team is in charge of making improvements to the system and other key functionalities, while our team is in charge of migrating all the windows to the newest version using .Net.  The alliance between SITA and Devlights has allowed both companies to grow thanks to their collaboration. 


tech stack
tech stack
tech stack