Dr Responde

The Idea behind Dr. Responde

In order to avoid telephonic medical consultation and canalize them via Whatsapp, the Client came out with the idea of creating a mobile App that allows users to arrange medical consultations with healthcare professionals. THE CLIENT AND DEVLIGHTS joined forces to develop an integral online medical consultation system.

Dr. Responde is not only a mobile app, it relies on a web app as its core that allows admins to perform several tasks like creating new users, modify users information, delete and assign roles to different users


Users registered as doctor are able to:

  • Define service hours.
  • Modify profile information.
  • Choose different payment methods provided by MercadoPago

Users registered as patients are able to:

  • Complete and edit its profile information.
  • Send and Receive images and documents through the chat.
  • Live chat with the selected specialist.