About the Client

Korl is a SaaS platform that syncs and summarizes product roadmap data in a single lace, the auto-generates consumable product presentations, each tailored for a specific use case and audience

The situation

Korl first reached out to us because they were after a company that could help them develop and ship their initial MVP product offering, and they were also looking for some post-MVP development to support progress toward their v1 launch.

Our solution

Our team was incorporated under their management scope and started to work quickly. In over 8 months, our joint efforts have made it possible to develop a multi-page web application that supports several key use cases for customers and includes multiple integrations with external tools and services. The team at Devlights was initially in charge of finding a method that would allow them to create automatic presentations, this was the first step to creating the product and required weeks of research and development. After that, the next challenge was to connect that method with the platforms that would hold the information of Korl’s users: Jira, Confluence, Google Sheets,Docs, and Presentations, and Figma. This step took our team some time due to the regulations in cybersecurity of each platform and the need to develop a strong and reliable database to store all that information. The project grew rapidly and demanded our team a variety of skills and expertise to develop the product. With that in mind, our team requested a phase for debugging and implementing design patterns to make the code as readable and scalable as possible. Today, Korl's MVP allows users to instantly auto-generate and customize product presentations for diverse audiences and various use cases. This integrated solution offers a comprehensive, real-time perspective on the project's development, its significance, and its progress, enabling all stakeholders to stay well-informed and make informed, data-driven decisions.


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